About Duane


Duane will speak at the Friday night Light for the Lost - Famous Dave’s catered - supper. Tickets can be added to your event registration for an additional $5.

Getting to Know Duane…

Rev. Duane Henders is an Assemblies of God world missionary working with Global Teen Challenge. He and his wife Cari have been involved in Teen Challenge since1969, both in the United States and overseas. For 9 years they directed the Teen Challenge male rehabilitation center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

The Henders ministered in Portugal for 16 years where they helped start a national Teen Challenge ministry and also served at the Mount Hope Bible Institute.   

Since 1999 the Henders have been working with Global Teen Challenge, helping to establish Teen Challenge centers in countries that request help in combating the plague of drug addiction.  They have helped start new ministries and trained staff in many countries in Africa, Europe, Central America and the Far East.   

The Henders presently serve as the Global Teen Challenge Area Representatives for Brazil and the Caribbean, working to plant new Teen Challenge ministries and training national leaders to effectively carry out the work.